Friday, December 12, 2008


So whoever this intermediate friend is, they seem to be very aware of my internet activities, less than twelve hours after my being informed about the site, the pictures of me were taken down.
I don't feel as though I was unreasonable about the whole thing, just confused and curious.
I just want to know and understand. If you are involved please talk to me about it?

worth a thousand words?

I just received an email informing me my picture, make that PICTURES are on a website.
How did I get there?
Sorry, in fact I know how I got there, it says that the person that posted them was shown said pictures by a friend of theirs who is my friend on facebook. Maybe I need to be more selective about who I'm internet friends with.

I have never heard of this website. Apparently its primarily concerned with 'feet, tits, and legs', or at least it is in my case. Um, thanks? When I clicked on the link that was sent to me I discovered that I somehow have a profile on it that is 1 month and 27 days old, has a 'fanbase' of 59 people and has been viewed 2,721 times. A message popped up asking me if I wanted to chat with some girl from the area. What?

I'm just.... baffled. Really, truly baffled. Part of this due to my not incredibly positive feelings about the way I look most of the time and part of it being that I'm pretty sure I don't know the person who sent me the email, at least I don't recognize the address and it doesn't include their name.

I'm not sure if I care to do anything about it, or what exactly that would be. I suppose emailing back, or creating a profile on the site to take the pictures down or something. I'm honestly not sure I mind and may in fact be kind of flattered. Thoughts?

The thing that bothers me the most about this is the fact that it refers to me as 'Alexandra.' Gross. Not even my grandmother calls me that.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rabbit Amnesty and Kidnapping

It was not too long ago that I expressed my concern that sex be ecologically sound and sustainable.
In England, LoveHoney has taken a step in that direction. They have a sex-toy recycling program!

Its not entirely clear to me whether or not this applies solely to rabbit vibrators, or if other sex toys can be recycled as well. In either case, its a step in the right direction, and given the enormous popularity of rabbit vibrators, a pretty big one at that. As an added incentive for the Rabbit Amnesty program, if you do recycle your old rabbit, they'll give you a new one at half-price! How cool is that!

I'm genuinely curious to know what exactly happens to the recycled components of the rabbits. Is the silicone melted down and re-formed? If so, is it re-formed into shiny new rabbits, or something else? What else would it be turned into!? I dare to conjecture that we may someday soon be looking at the possibility of vibrators made from post-industrial material. And why not? Goodness knows what was done with the class/aluminum/fibers that are recycled into new products. The recycling process of those things involves such thorough sterilization that it doesn't really matter. In Prince Edward Island they have only glass beverage containers. Bottles are sterilized and re-used as they are until they are no longer fit for re-use, at which point they are melted down and made into new bottles. Granted, they don't give you a coke for half-price when you recycle the bottle from your last one, but they do give you a deposit fee back on recyclables. When I was a kid I did pretty well at the corner market exchanging bottles I found on the ground for candy.

The only trouble is...
someone stole a shipment of vibrators on their way to be recycled....
Six cartons of toys cleaned and on their way to be recycled were stolen. Their estimated value was 750 pounds - $1118.40 based on today's exchange rate.
I am going to assume that either there must have been toys other than rabbits were in those boxes, or that there is a depreciation of the value of a used sex toy (the rate and calculation of which I would dearly love to know). At about 25 pounds for a new rabbit from LoveHoney, the estimated value of the stolen sex toys would mean that they boxes contained 30 rabbits, which it seems to me would need fewer than six cartons to contain them. It also means that the exchange rate on sex toys from the U.K. to America is really high. While 750 pounds sterling will buy you 30 rabbits (shipping not included) at LoveHoney, $1118.40 will only buy you 12.4 of the original RabbitHabbit from Babeland.

Evidence suggests that the theives planned to sell the stolen goods. There have been reports of people offered cheap sex-toys in pubs in the area. ew. Look out if you are approached by someone selling rabbits in Bath, cause, um, you wouldn't be sketched out by someone selling sex toys places other than a store anyway.